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How destructive is your mindset? A simple approach on how you can change it.

The elements of Self-Belief is something I've worked heavily on for many years. I've tried to continue doing this to myself every day since I realised. To be honest, self-limiting beliefs affect all of us. We love being the competent, well-respected, and successful person. When problems arise to threaten and undo all the awesome stuff, it's more of a challenge to maintain and be the better version.

Our minds can begin to lean towards the destructive side. That mindset of, we are not getting what we deserve! The mindset of the world is not fair. The mindset of why should I even bother, it is going to fail anyway.

One thing I challenge my students on is, how many of you find yourself caught in the cycle of keeping track of the wrong things? Remembering how many times you've been rejected. Keeping track of how many times it didn't work. Keeping track of all the times someone has broken your heart, double-crossed us, let us down.

We do keep track of things, but why?

Why keep track of them?

Are they making us better?

Surely it makes more sense to keep track of the good times and the good stuff. The times that worked. The times we took a risk. The time we were able to brighten someone else's day.

When we start doing that, we can define ourselves as people who are able to make an impact on the world. This took me a few years to figure out.

We choose to think our own thoughts. This dictates how we live our lives. Influences, events, actions taken, lots of other things happen to us. What it boils down to how you chose to think. This helps you move forward with whatever "it" is.

You have to dig deep to change the game that you're in.

You can change it!!!

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