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About Me?


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9 hours of joy

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Spain training GB rowing
Spain training GB rowing

Exceptional peer group, exchanging blows on a daily basis. The only way is forward

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Stephen Feeney is the founder of Invictus International which runs training programmes to give the mental tools needed to develop athletes and teams to a world-class level and maintain consistency. Stephen plays an integral part in the mental preparation of the teams he works with.

Professional Rugby                                       2021 - Present

2020 Tokyo Olympic Athletes                     2019 - Present

Semi-Professional Tennis                            2019 - Present


Oxford University Boat Club                       2019 - Present

St Paul's School Boat Club                           2017 - 2020

3 Years running National Champions        2017, 2018, 2019

National Record Holders                              2019

Henley Royal Regatta Record Holders        2018

Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club                    2019 - 2020

National Champions                                     2019

Private Corporate Clients                             2017 - Present

High Net Worth Family Clients                    2017 - Present

Stephen started out as an International athlete at the age of 21, he steadily climbed the ranks winning several world championship medals and joined the Olympic Squad in 2009 before he retired from injury in 2011 at the age of 26. A successful athlete, coach and now business owner, Stephen has now built his reputation as a Mental Skills Coach working with Olympic Athletes and Professional Athletes.  He has a passion for delivering high-end performance.


He is also an active fundraiser and has helped organise and run several large charity events raising £40,000 for various charities in the last several years.  


Working alongside coaches and athletes to deliver the strongest outcome possible when it comes to performance.

What do we do?

Developing performance through mental conditioning, making things clear and simple.  Ensuring that the athletes and coaches are all working from the same page.  Understanding the processes and mechanisms specific to them to perform when needed.  


The Invictus Project builds extremely resilient, optimistic and self-aware minds which are invaluable to their present and future performance.  It also prepares them on how to manage themselves through stressful or high-pressure situations that can happen in training and in competition.  Equally, it's important to ensure that you keep your feet on the ground when things are going well to keep a clear perspective.


 It's about the long-term results.  We believe that the things people achieve are a byproduct of who they are.

Who we have worked with

15 World Champions
2  World Silver Medalists
4  World Bronze Medalists
5 World Class Coaches
2 World Record Holders
19 National Record Holders
36 National  Champions
Screenshot 2019-11-21 at 19.24.08.png

Oxford University Boat Club


Harvard University Athletes


Middlebury College Athletes


2020 Olympic Athletes


St Paul's School


Lady Eleanor Holles


Imperial College


Epsom College


King's College School Wimbledon


Alpha Plus Group


Wetherby Senior School


Woodlands School


Newcastle University

Screenshot 2021-09-03 at 20.10.22.png

Princeton University Athletes

Screenshot 2021-12-06 at 14.41.34.png

Yale University Athletes

Screenshot 2021-09-03 at 20.09.56.png

Penn University Athletes

Making an impact on and off the field




We strive to make our athletes and teams world-class.

We realised this impact can go even further.

Each time someone does business with Invictus International Ltd, it will, in turn, have a significant impact elsewhere for those less fortunate.

We are driven to help everyone grow and ensure they have opportunities to develop. 


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