Coaches and Teams

Coaches prefer to get on with coaching rather than have to deal with problem after problem; sometimes these issues with the squad or an athlete can bring down a whole season or have a detrimental effect on the whole team and performance.  These are some of the areas that we can address and introduce when working with the coach and squad. Each programme is tailored to the need of the coach and athletes.  Below are some of the areas we can address and develop outcomes for.



Problems Addressed

- Stress

- Resistance to listen

- Self-centred

- Self-esteem issues

- Inconsistency in performance and training

- Lack of cohesion

- Unmanageable Egos

- Athlete Burn out

- Complacency

- Inability to perform under pressure

- Uncooperative

- Disrespectful

- Lack of self-management

- Inability to change

- Influenced and stuck on past performance

- Makes excuses

Outcomes Implemented

- Calm

- Adaptable

- Team focused

- Rational approach

- A steady increase in performance

- Cohesive group

- Equal contribution

- Athlete self-managed

- Growth and development orientated

- Ability to perform when needed

- Cooperative

- Respectful of self and others

- Ability to manage one's self and help others

- Flexible and realistic optimist.

- focused on developing

- Focused on implementation

Performance Youth Mentoring London
"Our mission is to develop the athletes of today into truly exceptional individuals, encouraging and guiding them to surpass far beyond what they thought was possible and, in turn, show to others the tools and skills they have learned."
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