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Teaching emotional intelligence in schools.

I work with a huge range of pupils from some of the leading private schools in the country to some of the most deprived state schools. The schools are moving forward in this area. But like many large institutes some things take time to implement and adapt.

Our mind is a funny thing. The experiences we have of certain situations can heavily influence us and impact us for the long term. This could come off as a good consequence or equally a bad consequence.

The thing is that is that whatever behaviours we get used to for that "said" situation we'll reinforce them the more that we practice them.

To keep it simple, think of the brain as a muscle. The more that you practice strengthening it a certain way the better it will become in that area. A lot of the problems that arise, grow as part of what goes on in our head. Yes it means we can make something a lot worse ourselves just by the way we think. Equally it can go the other way.

However what would happen if you conditioned your thinking the way in which you wanted to think. So at the end of each day you keep the good stuff and take out the rubbish.

What would happen if students had their own ability to manage themselves mentally, solve their own problems and impact those around them in the long term.

A quick exercise.

- Imagine what you're like on a really bad day.

- Imagine what you're like on a good day?

What thoughts, feeling , actions and behaviours would be happening on the above?

The trick is, you condition yourself to stay grounded during the tough periods (which normally push people backwards) which there will always be.

On the good days you give yourself a pat on the back and get on with things. This way means you don't get bullied by your own thought's or emotions.

- Self-awareness is an exceptional tool to use.

- it has to be built every day.

- By you checking yourself how you got on?

- More so how you thought and what were the actions of those thoughts.

- Access this and you'll start to see a process of how things work.

- The thing is it can be constantly built and refined.

This is what separates out those who have qualifications and those with the piece of paper and ability to think outside of the box.

Yes they are given strategies for studying, they have an exceptional academic support structure

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