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What's blocking your performance??

Over the last few years, I'd had some the opportunity to work with World Champion athletes and World Class Teams. Seeing things from the other side of the fence gives you a very different perspective.

I know when I was an athlete all I was obsessed with was winning and beating people. Then doing that at the highest level possible. What I didn't see where the things that would eventually hit me from my blind side.

Why is it important to know what could bring you down? First of all, understand that life doesn't go in a straight line, we like to have unrealistic ideas about how we'll achieve something. Remember there are always to sides two every coin. My performance inhibitors, where stress, frustrations with myself and others, lack of communication skills, focused purely on the outcome, being self-centred. There is no way anyone could have got that out of me as an athlete as I was stubborn and thick headed. Although standing and looking back, these were the things that eventually brought me down with a crash. I'm sure the list would go on, but it's blog, not a life story.

Understanding where the bumps are and when they might occur is really important, nobody can switch these emotions off. What we need to do is identify what we're like on an off day and then see how that would impact the rest of our week, month, a year if we used the same tools.

So many athletes, students, businessmen, city workers have been pushed either temporarily or permanently off course by these mechanisms. Waiting until the problem consumes you is it like trying to swot a rhino away, it's going to take a tonne of effort, and you're going to need a lot of help. It's much easier to identify these things early on, see what way you'd like to tackle them and then when it does "hit the fan" you've already done a run through in your head of how you'll deal with it.

Most people just react, and very few are proactive in their thinking. What ever you practice you'll master it. You good thing is that it goes both ways!!!

Identify where you trip yourself up, think about the opposite trait/principle and that's the tool to use for that PROBLEM. Do this, and you'll get further in front of your peers, teams, and you'll continue to stretch as everyone else gets caught behind in the mud.

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