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Is your peer group pushing you forward or pulling you back?

One thing that regularly comes up in my work is how people impact one another. It can be covered in three simple ways.

They help push you forward in building you.

They keep you at the same level.

They drag you back the way.

You're the sum of the five people you spend the most time with.

Being aware of what your peer group and friends and work colleagues will have a massive impact on how much you want to grow as a person.

Reflecting back on people i've hung put with over the years it's clear to see who's benefited me and those who haven't.

The thing is you want to have a real head look at who you're spending your time with because they will make such a significant impact on you.

Some simple tips are.

- Look at the groups of people you spend your time with?

- How do they make you feel?

- Do you look up to them?

- What do they bring to the table that you can learn from?

- How are they going to help you be better?

If they bring less than half of the above, you should question how much time you spend with them and why.

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