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How to grow when everyone else has a mental meltdown.

As I immerse myself more with my work, I see more and more that we humans are extremely habitual with our behaviour.

With this trait, it can sometimes get us into sticky situations. I know at the time if I was in a tricky situation (e.g. disagreement with parents, teachers, sports coach) I'd either vent verbally or turn on my heel and run. Another one of my favourites was to complain and moan about how bad the problem was following it.

Since then things have moved on a little. When you're in these "challenging situations" it's the best opportunity to grow.

When pressure is applied, many people are quick to fold. When this happens we get led by our emotions; we have negative self-talk even though we pretend everything is ok. So how does that condition us to develop they way we think.


If you're aware of the "challenging situation" you're in try some of the few simple pointers below.

1. How can you neutralise your thinking to keep yourself level while acting calmly and collectively? (STAY CONSTRUCTIVE)

2 . Following the "challenging situation" access what processes you did well and what you'd like to engrain. Also look at where you may have stumbled and fuelled the fire.

3. Think of the way you'd like to deal with the same situation should it arise the next time.

It's always best to reflect on problems constructively. When you get good at this, you'll be able to deal with effectively, rationally and quickly.

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