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Thinking about your own thinking,

As humans, many of us are programmed on an external result. Something like a job, buying a house getting a bigger pay cheque, getting selected for that sports team.

There's nothing wrong with thinking this way. It just won't keep the wheels turning as quickly in the long term. With regards to developing your thinking.

What happens when you achieve that outcome or if it was a significant milestone, well what about after that?

Most people think that if they only change their behaviour that that's going to be good enough to change their result. They're right it will. But it's like building a house on sand; it won't stand for long.

The things that make a significant difference is influenced in the long term by another few key factors.

I've spoken in previous posts about emotions and how they can sabotage or push you forwards into something. Your emotions affect how you feel, how you feel impacts on how you think.

How good is your thinking when you're emotion is pissed off, angry or upset.

In turn, whatever you're thinking affects your behaviour. This is what is carried into that "task" you're aiming towards and the actions you take.

Have a look at what's happening inside that head of yours. So many people are pushed and pulled around by external influences, rarely does anyone think about their own thinking and how that affects the outcomes of the things they are aiming towards.

Like we said before the things you achieve are a by product of who you are. Work on you (internally), and you'll see a difference on what you're able to produce externally.

- Manage your emotions.

- Affects how you think and feel

- Impacts your behaviour and actions.

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