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The trouble with taking the easiest option

I was a person who always used to do the easiest things first. I'd fill my week with lots of things and then look back and realised I hadn't completed that much.

When I was an athlete, it was easy enough all I had to do was do the training which didn't take all day, and I got a few hours nap in the middle of the day. Everything was planned out for me.

Move into the working world, working for myself and trying to figure out how the heck to get stuff done was tricky.

I went on a bit of an overhaul last year where I decided to kick things up a gear or two. I decided to do the things I didn't want to do and continued to put off.

Funny enough when I started to prioritise this I was making leaps instead of steps. We are designed to take the path of least resistance.

It's much easier to complain about a situation rather than think what do I need to do to move on or resolve this.

Equally sitting down to apply yourself to work that you don't rally want to do but you need to do is a problem everyone has.

Since I decided to do the tough things at the beginning of each day, it's helped condition me with getting the major bits of work done rather than filling the day up with small less productive things.

It's also funny what it does to your thinking, after a while it becomes normal. So your productivity goes up and what is a challenge for you becomes unthinkable for someone else.

You also get used to following through with your chat. A lot of people talk a big game of things they want to do or achieve, but few follow through on anything.

The result of me implementing this train of thought has seen my business and the way I think grow significantly faster.

So a few tips. - Pick the thing you've continued to put off and do that first. - Commit to the things you talk about. - Spend time with people who think in a similar way. - Do it every day.

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