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How Emotions propel you forward and drag back through life.

So what is it?

It is the ability to recognise our own feelings and others. Then knowing how to use that information best to guide your thinking and behavior.

All human beings are easily influenced by emotions. We love it when things are going well and feel like we can take over the world. Equally on the other end of the scale when times are challenging or deemed to be stressful, emotionally we will act and behave another way.

One emotion makes you feel that you can take over the world and the other makes you want to run out the door. If you are more aware of how you think you can control your outcome a lot more.

We can choose to think and act on what we wish to do. It is as simple as that.

Some questions that might help you when you're trying to get the best outcome.

What way do you process your emotions and others?

Can you harness your emotions to overcome problems?

Do you have the ability to control emotions in yourself and others?

Having control of your emotions ensures you are more effective in challenging situations. It also has a huge impact on the goals you wish to achieve.

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