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What teenagers have taught me.

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to go and talk to a group of around 100 students in a school in north-east London.

They listened to me ramble on who I was, what I did and the problems I solve and what my aspirations where. Following this, they got to fire questions to me.

Some great questions came from the students.

Why do you do what you do?

I think everyone has the potential to be world class in something. The limiting factor is them. I saw how much I limited myself from what I believed, the way I thought, the way I dealt with things. We always have a choice. We don't have to follow the same thinking as everyone else. I love helping people adapt, understand how they tick and how they can get the most from themselves.

What one pointer would you give us at this point in time?

PEER group.

The people you spend time with will either....

- Push you forward

- Keep you in the same way of thinking

- Drag you back with them

What's the most valuable thing you have?

The girls definitely didn't expect this answer.

I told them the most valuable thing I had access to was time.

How I used it.

What I used it on and where I spent it.

I said it doesn't matter how much money you have in your bank account; time is one thing you cannot get back so think about how you're spending it.

How did you start what you're doing and achieve it?

I told them my journey from school to an athlete to entrepreneur. There was no direct line. One thing that helped me get perspective is that it's important to do something you enjoy. I said the things that people achieve is a by-product of who they are.

I would like to thank Inspiring the future, the UK Edge and Hornsey School for girls for organising everything.

You can find out more about the fantastic charities here.

Volunteers offer 1 hour to a state school/college in the area they live or work, talking to young people.

The independent charity shaping the future of education -

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