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Become an exceptional leader through the GOLDEN MEAN.

Some people are all or nothing. They have to hit something a 100mph and go all in. I used to be like this with my training, it resulted in me breaking physically, burning out or being confused about how I could progress. I recently read a cool piece from Aristotle; he talks around the Golden Mean.

What he says is "they trained the men and not the women, and they trained for war but not peace." The value in what he's saying is pretty clear, what's the point in just being able to hit it from one end of the scale and not the other if both are equally valuable.

I always say to my students plan for the worst and hope for the best. Then we look at the full spectrum.

It's not about how hard you can hit something with all your force.

Being able to apply the right pressure at the right time and the right place is going to see them head in the right direction.

These are the things a lot of leaders lack.

People usually aren't this adaptable and only have a set approach and lack the flexibility in their thinking.

Not being able to apply yourself in this way will result in poor results.

We see this all the time in Sport, Government, Business. It's the adaptability of the leader to apply this rule. I recently watched a programme on Alex Ferguson, and this became evident that he had this skill built into his leadership. Being flexible in this way will ensure you continue to grow and help those around you in the same way.

So remember

- apply the right pressure - at the right place - at the right time - to get going in the right direction.

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