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Do your habits breed success or failure


A lot of people think that there is a secret formula to getting to the top of your game. Guess what!?? There is no secret sauce or rarely overnight successes. The way in which you achieve the things you wish to aspire in is to build in the small habits you'll need to succeed in the future right now.

We are all happy to talk about the big game the things we want and things we wish to achieve. Talking about something and doing it are entirely different things. So many people have the best ideas in the world, but they don't have the habits in place to make that idea a reality.

We as humans are so habitual. We love our routines and the way things make us feel, genetically we're designed to do the least amount possible to reserve energy. We are also habitual in the way in which we think about situations. External factors easily influence our thoughts, and the majority of us are always programmed to pick the easiest option.

I remember when some of my friends were picking university courses they looked at the ones had the least number of contact hours. This decision is something that will heavily affect their lives and futures. I know when I was at school I would do the least amount possible to get by. Things have changed a lot since then.

A simple saying is, you only get out what you put in. The penny finally dropped with me, through sport. What I found out not only through sport but now in business is that if you apply the right attitude and put quality time in it's crazy how far down the track you can get. Yes, hard work is great but not if you don't have the right attitude.

Most people will talk about the things they want to do and implement but making that happen the challenge. I realised that was the biggest tipping factor between doing well and failing.

It's so easy to get into a going nowhere or negative spiral, a lot of us would love to be on the same trajectory of what we class as successful people. Richard Branson is always in the news; everyone always sees these people at the top of their game. The same with some of our sporting heroes. Life isn't easy for them either they all hit highs and lows. The difference is they stick to their word and commit. Achieving what you want and who you need to be takes time, and you need to be committed to the long game. Everyone has to graft and apply themselves to the daily grind to get to where they want to.

A lot of my friends won Gold medals at the Rio 2016 Games, all we see is the 6 minutes of racing. We don't see the injury, illness daily grind in the bitter cold, dark mornings, day in day out for years on end. They put in so much work, blood, sweat, doubts, and tears for that short moment to put it all together. They were building the principles every day years before they even got to the Olympics. You need to operate at the level you wish to be at before you get there. Waiting until you get there will only see you get passed out by someone else with a better attitude and stronger work ethic.

So if you wish to succeed follow through with your chat. Think, act and behave with the actions and principles that will help you achieve; this is especially vital when times are hard. We are all capable you doing what we want to do; the challenge is how you will manage yourself?

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