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Environment boosts performance

Having the right frame of mind is one thing. However, if you want to get up to speed quickly the best way is to get stuck in with the best there is. We see people that spend immense amounts of time doing things that that enjoy and aspire to excel. However because of their environment isn't right the trajectory they're aiming for is way off from the direction they need to be heading in.

I'm not saying we can all go and train with the Olympic Squad or train with Chelsea's first team. Some people are fortunate enough when they get to that level that they can immerse themselves in other like-minded individuals. Once you do get to that level, it can be like a self-sustaining machine which breeds the people it needs to reach the top.

Equally, people can have the environment they need and not fully utilize it. It's good to keep your brain sharp, sometimes when we see the same people go to the same places we can get into run of the mill habits (things that don't aid our aim) or it can have the effect we wanted at the beginning and ingrain exceptional and valuable habits. You always have a choice with how you choose to interoperate it.

If your environment is missing a key element that you need, how can you add it in? We grow when we are challenged. So they environment needs to be challenging, a little bit of competition as well, supportive, guidance and a united end goal.

If you're struggling in your current environment, look at what you've got access to. Is there everything you need to succeed. There is no harm in changing environments; I moved the length of the country to come and find a more competitive and challenging pool of athletes to train against when I was an athlete. When I did, I got to have a peer group that was bigger, stronger and faster than me; it was perfect as it was where I wanted to aspire to and beyond.

The people you hang out with massively influence who you become, the thing is you have a choice with all of this. It's how you utilize it to ensure that you're getting every bit of value from it that you can to help you.

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