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The biggest road block is me.

Have been on a bit of a rollercoaster the last few years since leaving an amazing job working at a school so many things have happened.

- I've got married.

- I've started three companies

- Worked directly with Lords and MP's on charity fund-raising.

- Set up a youth mentoring business.

- Worked with some of the biggest corporates in the U.K.

The majority of this just happened with me being a little proactive. One of the businesses was set up through me being mentored. I can't believe I've only started doing this at 31(asking to be mentored) !!!!

What I've found that the biggest obstacle since starting everything is me. I dictate the pace of the way something moves, the quality, the size and the outcome. For every action I take, there is a consequence (it can be a good or bad one). I know this sounds simple, but it's true. We either hold ourselves back by the way we think, the people we surround ourselves with or the action we never take. My assessment on future decisions is what is the worst that can happen, once I've checked that it's full steam ahead.

Everyone encounters road blocks in everything they do; we always want the easier option. However facing the roadblock and overcoming usually gives us the most strength. Our thoughts are the biggest obstacles.

Can you think big picture and apply it. That's the quickest way you can move forward. Look at yourself, how you think, act, behave. Can you change your approach and the way you think? If you can't you should already have everything you need. We are adaptable and we can change, however it's a challenging and a tough journey. If it was easy we'd all do it.

Each and every one of us can excel in something or many things that we love doing. The thing to push yourself forward is you, use your thoughts in the right way, build an amazing peer group and take action.

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