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Thinking outside of the Box

I know a lot of people that wish to excel in their given areas. It's fantastic to see their drive and passion. However, the way in which they manage their thoughts can impact their outcome in two ways.

-I see people spend a lot of time on the things they love. When they do this, they just do it. The question is how do they think? They are not aware of what they are trying to get from it. A lot of people switch on to autopilot and just cruise through.

- Those that progress quickly. The other end of the spectrum being you want to develop the traits you need to excel.

I was at a dinner recently sitting beside someone who had achieved a high level in the sport they loved. They were 19 years old. They believed they had ticked all the boxes and achieved the outcome they wished.

I asked them a few questions.

- What is the highest level in your sport?

The Olympics

- What way does an Olympian think?

They listed a whole load of traits.

- What would have happened this year if you'd thought like an Olympian?

They accessed and said they would have been more developed mentally and be further in their sport.

-I asked if they needed to go to the Olympics to think like this?


So without changing the training they were doing, spending any more time. With a different mindset and approach to developing traits, they believed their outcome would have been significantly different with how they progressed.

Where is your level of thinking at?

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