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Resilience the key to mastery, learn how to become an unstoppable force.

Everyone has their fair share of problems in life. Resilience is a fantastic tool to help us with those problems big or small. It's the ability to come back after you've been mentally floored by something.

Why is resilience important?

I know during my time as an athlete I encountered a huge number of problems. Long term injury, illnesses, overloading of work. Each time you always feel overwhelmed, thinking is this every going to stop or how can I get out of this situation.

I found out over time that I was pretty resilient. The funny thing is that no body is teaching us resilience. Each time a problem arose I faced it as best I could. Simply by focusing on the things that were moving me forward rather than dwelling on the problems and all the negatives. It made the journey more manageable.

By doing this, it heavily built my self-esteem. It makes the problems I have to deal with now much easier to manage and overcome. This takes time and patience. Being able to see the situation for what it is, really helps. Overcoming the obstacle is the direction you should take, try and try again. Turning away from obstacles simply amplify the situation or heavily damage your self-esteem. Facing the problem with resilience and strategic thinking opens you to a whole new world. It shows you your potential and how to use it time and time again. Where many take the easy route, resilience helps you achieve what you set out to do and challenges you.

Key Points.

- Understand the problem for what it is?

(e.g. I'm injured from sport and going to be out for the next 8 months, no sport)

- What can you focus on to get better?

(e.g. rehab, slowly building up)

- Developing your resilience and in the long term makes you stronger.

- Your self-esteem will flourish and you will develop into and exceptional person.

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