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Being burnt by success

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

When success strikes a whole load of things can happen. The expectation that it'll happen again, easily achieved, ego growth, complacency.

You'll begin to think that what happened once is destined to have an impact on future results.

This expectation is dangerous as by simple expecting something to happen based on what you did puts you up on a very high place which will be very damaging to self-esteem and team morale when you falter or fall.

It'll plant confusion and frustration, or even worse people will start to make excuses as to what happened or blame others. None of which are vital ingredients for developing consistency.

It can affect your competitors and draw their attention more on you and affect their thinking.

NEVER let it affect what you do, as you'll find out the hard and unfordable way.

I see a lot of athletes and teams that live in the past. The main thing that we use the past for is learning. Success can trap you in the past, merely believing that it will automatically happen again is extremely dangerous and has a fragile foundation for building a long term process for winning.

When you do think that because you've had success once and you expect it again, you have been burnt.

The main thing that you only ever have control over is the present.

An easy way to test this is to try and change the past.


Jump into the future and change it.

The answer is the same for both, you can't control either.

The thing you can control and manage is what you do right now, in this present moment!!

Focus on the present.

Being burnt by success can also have a huge impact on your preparation it'll weaken it.

keep things very simple.

- Look at what you are doing well?

- How good are you at focusing on the present?

- What can you do to adapt?

- What's challenging?

Repeat ...................

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