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What stands in the way becomes the way.

A lot of the work I do is problem-solving. However, the long-term effect is that those I work with start to solve their own problems.

I know that was a huge culprit of heavily focusing and immersing myself with any problems I had. Sometimes I'd complain, moan, slag off, avoid or run at it as hard as I could. These were not the most strategic methods of best dealing with the problem even though they worked up to a point. In the long all it did was pull me in a direction, I didn't want to go in.

Now problems are looked upon as a challenge or an obstacle, so I can gain something constructive from it and learn from it. Meaning next time the "Obstacle" arises I'll be ready and conditioned to take it on.

Most of us give up or turn in the opposite direction when met with these things, or we approach it with the wrong tools, they wear very thin over time and will limit how far you can go.

What I've is the Obstacles are the most valuable things to help us grow. We find more about what we're capable of and when things get tough, as they do you'll continue to seek bigger challenges and keep moving forward. Once things get comfortable, you will limit what way you can think and grow.

Be careful what tools you're using to solve major problems. Is your approach pushing your further away, keeping you in the same spot or bringing you towards and over it?

If you only focus on the problem you'll never understand how to get the solution. Be careful what skill you refine and what's going to be more relevant for you later in life.

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