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PRESSURE, how do you respond?

When do you think you lose control of your mind and thinking?

We've all been there when we literally can't think straight because we're in an emotional hole. I know on many occasions when I was rowing as a full-time athlete I'd self-destruct now and again. Mentally lose control for one reason or another, I remember we were training for a domestic race where I was competing with some of my fellow squad internationals, we also had a few good club rowers on board.

I had a slightly shorter fuse back then; I remember stopping the boat, turned around and shouted: "if you don't lift your bloody oar off the water I'm going to come down there and lamp you."

This is embarrassing now to type, at the time it did worked (to a small extent). I had high standards for the crew, and I expected us to meet those standards throughout our short time together before the race. Much to say everyone else in the crew was a little horrified at my outburst.

At the time looking back at it now I had lost control of my thinking. It was raw emotion spluttering out of my mouth. It worked for the short term but wasn't the best or most effective way of sorting things or building relationships for the future. Not a habit or trait I wished to build. It was a lesson learnt, it's now been adapted pushing the calm, collective and rational approach.

If you're not willing to change and adapt, you'll stay in the same place or go backwards.

Things to remember are

We normally fold under pressure when.

1. There's something at stake

2. A flashback or repeat of the previous nasty experience.

3. upset, arguing, anger

4. getting close to a deadline

5. Overwhelm of stimulus and or distractions.

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