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Why you'll struggle to reach the top of your game and stay.

There can never be progress unless you change something.

Over the last few years, I've seen people with abilitiy and talent get pretty high up and hit the top.

The limiting factor as to how long they stayed there was their character.

When you compete, and you're at the sharper end of the spear it get's harder to climb again and improve upon what you've done before.

The people that think they can just turn the magic on when they need to will get found out and be passed out.

The biggest thing that will fuel you moving forward is Persistence and Determination.

It'll beat education, talent and genius any day. However, if you combine any or all of those three with the two above, you'll be a force to be reckoned with.

A lot of people rest on just what they know, and if you're not progressing, you're stuck in that spot or moving backwards.

For all this to happen you have to work on what goes on in your head; then it's a lot easier to affect what 's going on in the physical world.

Being able to manage yourself, has a massive impact on the things you're trying to achieve.

Maintain your focus on improving you rather than comparing to others.

Points to remember.

- Your character is the limiting factor

- Be persistent and determined (all the time)

- Sort out the head first, and then you can impact the outside world.

- Manage yourself

- Focus on what you can do to improve you.

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