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The danger of Being consumed by success

Everyone wishes to do well in their desired field. Whether that be a sport, work, academics or whatever it that's floating your boat.

From my own experience in sport, life and work you can't fully rely on past success impacting and influencing your future.

The only things it might affect is the people you're gunning against in sport or work, as you're previous success may affect their thinking.

You have a choice to make.

Never let previous success or loss affect what you do.

You can certainly learn from every experience, however relying on the past to impact the future is a dangerous game. It means you're relying on previous conquests and you think that it's an automated machine and success will follow suit again.

The only thing you have control over is what you're doing right now. That the only thing that you can work on.

I've seen so many talented individuals that have fallen to the side because the complacency of what they had achieved in the past. They thought it would automatically carry over. That doesn't work. You have to work on the here and now. Otherwise, it will heavily affect how you prepare for your next big challenge.

Getting distracted by previous success develops a huge weakness going forward, as you forgot about the processes which helped you get to that pinnacle level.

Remember the process is the most important thing and the achievement is a by product of the process.

- Focus on the present.

- Learn from the past and adapt.

- Don't live in the past

- The process today is the biggest impact you can make.

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