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Stop being a victim!!!!!!

I know what it feels like to be moving in circles. Similar situations continue to present themselves straight in front of you.  What we tend to do the majority of the time is complain when these bumps in the road arise.  Or we engage with the "challenge" using up huge amounts of emotional and physically energy getting nowhere. 

I know when things didn't always go smoothly when I was an athlete, so I would spend time mentally knocking myself.  Questioning things, training more, closing the door, not asking for help, thinking I knew better.

It's so easy for use to get into this train of thought,  it's what the news thrives off.   It's so much easier to pass the negative.   It's always worth looking at things for what they are (when you can).  So much time can be spent on things that are totally outside of your control.

What is in your control is what way you choose to think about whatever it is that's bothering you. When I hit "bumps" or "challenging " people, I think do I need to spend time with these people or go to the same level as them?  The answer is pretty simple I spend the time doing the things that push me forward and people that help me along the way.

"There are always going to be challenges along the way; it's how you choose to overcome them, not become immersed in them."

So the more we engage and get stressed out about things that are outside of our control the more food you feed that wolf and the bigger it gets.  It's a mentality that is very easy to slip into.  When you're feeling stressed and low the simplest thing can crack you.  

How easy is it to move forward when you're like this? 

Equally, you can feed the other wolf that's the opposite that makes you grow as a person and will take you to much bigger limits than you every thought. 

Half the reason I didn't get as far in my sport was that I always thought I got a hard time.  Yes, it may have been a little challenging, but we always have a choice.  I chose to feed the wrong wolf then.  You have to go above the level of the problem to be able to solve it. 

"We are the limiting factor"

The simple tips from this are. 

1.How does this affect you in the future

2. Why is it important you spend lots of time on it

3. How good does it make you feel in the long term

4. Spend the time on beneficial things and people that will help YOU!!!

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