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Do you lack the most vital ingredient in your thinking?

I've been lucky enough to work with some exceptional individuals and teams over the years. We were conditioned to keep it all help together especially when under pressure. I figured out how much more valuable this was when I wasn't an athlete.

I was fortunate enough to watch the GB rowing national senior trials a few weeks ago and it was a flash back for me, a great perspective to watch how the athletes performed mentally as well as physically.

It's easy to think we have things under control when it's an easier environment. However, life isn't so simple. It's how you can also deal with things when it deals you a harder day, week, month or year.

What tends to happen when things get hard.

- People tend to crumble mentally.

- They put on a show and pretend.

- They run away and don't deal with things.

- They let the issue overwhelm them.

- They make excuses as to why they haven't done it or didn't do it.

- They focus more on the problem than the solution.

- They have a lot of talk and little action.

This is the way that the majority of individuals deal with what I call "challenging" things or situations.

You only really find out what you're made of when you are applied under a little bit of pressure. The thing is that you always have a choice in what way you want to deal with whatever challenge you face.

You can choose to be emotional and practice all the things listed above or you can rise above it.

Looking at things in a constructive manner, being disciplined to maintain being focused, calm and rational. Especially when it seems like it's all gone wrong.

You always have a choice. Most people forget that. Remember you can condition your mind any way you want, most people don't realize this. Build yourself for what lies ahead, be disciplined with your thinking and it will heavily impact on how you overcome obstacles now and in the future.


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