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Making use of the most valuable commodity, TIME.

A lot of us always say we never have the time. Is it about managing time or managing yourself?

I think it's more the latter. I used to be an "I never have time person" once I got things in order and had a little look about how I was applying myself my productivity went through the roof. What I was getting done in a month was the equivalent of 3 months previous work.

The biggest change was tackling the biggest challenges first. The ones you always will do tomorrow. Once that becomes a habit it's crazy how quickly you crush everything else.

See below for some tricks and tips I use.

How to manage yourself (time)

1. Set yourself up to win - time serves me.

2. Touch it once - TAKE ACTION - especially email and texts (if you don't reply straight away don't open it)

3. Make a list of the six highest priority things.

4. plan and then allocate how much time to spend on each task.

5. Plan the day and assign time slots for working on accomplishing each task

6. Focus on the most difficult task first.

You'll be shocked with what you achieve if you take on some of these rules.

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