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Five simple lessons shown to us by Phelps and Schooling at the Rio 2016 Olympics in reaching your po

The last week at the Olympics has been utterly amazing. Lots of success for those who knew they were good enough to win and a lot of upset for those where things didn't quite go to plan.

So how special are the Olympians? They are exceptional people, what they have done to get to this level is commit, discipline themselves through the highs and lows, strive always to be better.

Most of all they build the best versions of themselves that will do the best job on the day when it's truly tested.

We saw an unbelievable story unfold in the swimming. Michael Phelps was beaten to silver in the 100m Butterfly event by Schooling.

Schooling met Phelps as a kid in 2008. Meeting your hero and then beating them a few Olympic cycles later

Reaching your potential does boil down to a few things.

- Focusing on how you can better yourself every time.

- setting goals that are just outside the comfort zone.

- getting used to taking the rough with the smooth.

- looking at the long term and what all the work is for.

- Doing the above day in, day out for many years.

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