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The top 5 traits teenagers need to secure to ensure focused results that will shape a lifetime.

Teenagers go through pretty rough patches in life. They are used to being dependent on parents from an early age and as they hit the teens parents struggle to let them become independent. However 99% of the time it's as clear as mud, where no one side understands the other.

What we do during these years can heavily shape us as individuals for the future. Hanging out with "the crowd" or giving into peer pressure is a common trait. Spending more time worrying about what others are thinking about you rather than thinking about yourself.

We can start to carve the path we wish to follow from a much earlier age than you think.

Peer Group

1. Show me your peer group and I'll show you how you're going to turn out. Surrounding yourself with the right individuals will have a huge impact on how you progress. People either pull you back and drastically slow you down or push you forward. What are your friends doing to you?

TIP: Who am I spending my time with and are they contributing to me or are they wasting my time.


2. The environment is fundamental to succeed in developing and excelling yourself as an individual. Creating the right environment will begin to shift your perspective. You will be able to utilize the surroundings and people around you in the best way possible. Crafting the right surroundings and the right people around you is much easier than you think.

TIP:Look at where you are hanging out, is it normal or what's the level up from that. Is this environment pushing you forward or pulling you down. Stand back and look at the bigger picture.


3. If you want to get damn good at something you immerse yourself in it. It's like anything the more time you spend practicing the skills, the better you become at it. Having full immersion in the environment, you need can show you all the answers you need. A poor environment will result in poor examples which are not useful for developing.

TIP: Being consumed by the right stuff will excel your performance dramatically. It's like strapping rockets to your progress.

Future thinking

4. So let's say you don't get asked to go and train with Chelsea's senior team. No problem, you have a brain and imagination. People are always so quick to see the obstacle and not the solution. Athletes commonly use visualization to picture what way they'll think before the Olympics. They develop the mindset they need even before they arrive at the event.

TIP: You can use your imagination to picture who you need to be and what it will look like. What way does that person act, what traits to they have? You don't need to wait to become that individual you can start practicing now.

Find a mentor

5. We all have people that we look up to. These individuals can have a massive impact on our direction as we grow up. A mentor helps give perspective and in some cases will help build the absolute best version of yourself. Equally, the wrong mentor can have a bad influence.

TIP: Anyone can be a mentor, it could be your football coach, a teacher, someone you admire and respect. They have a trait or perspective you wish to gain or utilize. Have a think who have you got access to. Every highly successful person in the world has had a mentor. Check out these world famous billionaires and their mentors

If you feel like you want to make a huge shift in what you're doing, you need to carry out the above steps. Or subscribe to our latest news, we'll be running a free webinar to discuss the above over the next month. The objective is to give you a much clearer perspective on what's impacting you and whether you're going forward, staying still or being pushed back.

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