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Parents play an integral role to the athlete, they are a constant source of support from the moment the athlete gets involved in sport all the way through until they retire.  It is an equally tough job being the parent of an athlete seeing them face some big problems whilst they are competing and training.  Watching the athlete tackle these problems from what seems like afar can at times make the parent feel helpless.  These are some of the areas that we can address and introduce when working with parents and athletes. Each programme is tailored to the need of the parent and athlete.



Problems Addressed

- Stress

- Resistance to listen

- Inconsistency

- Self-esteem issues

- Inconsistency in performance and training

- Inability to perform

- Uncooperative

- Disrespectful

- Lack of self-management

- Inability to change

- stuck on past performance

- Burnout

- Negative Spiral

- Overwhelm

- Blame focused

- makes excuses

- Unstable

- Frustration

- Selection

Outcomes Implemented

- Calm

- Adaptable

- Team focused

- Rational approach

- A steady increase in performance

- Ability to perform when needed

- Cooperative

- Respectful of self and others

- Ability to manage one's self and help others

- Flexible and realistic optimist.

- focused on developing

- proactive mentally and physically

- Steady Growth

- Level Headed

- Process Focused

- Focused on application

- Stable

- Composed

- Progressing at the right speed.

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