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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your product save time or eliminate wastage?


  • The program is designed to give the mentees a clear perspective on how they are managing themselves. Once this is done they fully optimize their time for their passions. Accountability is set in at the beginning to achieve this.

  • The use of their language and through how they process things is a lot greater as they think strategically. They will be able to ask articulate questions to gain the answers they need. The same for answers given.

  • They can look at the bigger picture and see how decisions made now will impact their future.

  • They look at their immediate peer group and see how they are pushing them forward or pulling them away from achieving. Changing the environment makes things happen faster.


How does your product deliver greater emotional benefits than other products?


  • During the program, we create some fundamental and incredibly strong habits.

  • We teach the mentees how they can remove themselves mentally from challenging situations, not switch off but to access it from a different perspective and decide on the best route forward.

  • They are conditioned to be able to take the bad with the good. It’s challenged to the point that if all support (everything) was taken away, that they are still deeply rooted to continuing on the journey to being the best they can be.

  • They understand their energy and how to deal with the positive and negative, managing internal dialogue and understanding external factors that influence it. They learn how to fill up their own “emotional tank” and when they have enough they can go and help others.

  • They learn how to deal with failure and recover quickly to access it. Each time learning and conditioning themselves.


How does your product remove pain or negative emotion?


  • The mentees are taught to plan for the worst and to hope for the best. It means that their awareness is significantly greater. Despite everyone’s best intentions life does not go to plan and heavy unforeseen challenges do arise.

  • They will be shown that if they focus on the negative emotions, they will reinforce the weaknesses.

  • They will be challenged and pushed daily, so they have the abilities to see negatives in others and they can then make a decision what to do from there.

  • They will learn that failure is beneficial (as long as they have applied 10/10 and failed). Having a greater awareness on these situations is essential and hugely influences how they move forward.


How does the product save or make people more money?


  • It will give them a better strategic decision-making process which they can use when purchasing items.

  • They are a High Performing Individual, so will be valued higher than someone without their status.

  • They will associate themselves with the right peer group and mentors. Therefore they will be able to utilize this to help them create the dream job or gain assistance in the desired position.

  • They are driven to excel beyond their peers.  Money will be a byproduct of them developing as the best version of themselves.


What would they highly value in working with me?


  • They would value the huge shift in their own dramatic development as a person. We solely work on them becoming the best version of themselves and push their limits to achieve things only others dream of.


What is it about these people that make you want to work with them?


  •   The youth of today are tomorrow’s future, what better time to engrain best practice. They will have a huge positive impact for all those they interact with.


Who is right for The Invictus Project?


  •  Someone who likes a challenge.

  •  They need to be driven and passionate.

  •  Someone with a glimmer of fire in their belly.

  •  Have a mindset to succeed.

  •  Someone who wants to change.

  •  Someone who has failed.


Notes for those potentially coming to the program


  • Parents and mentees need to attend prior interviews, so all stakeholders have a clear understanding what is happening.

  • This is not money for time scenario if I don’t see the right attributes in the mentee they will not be allowed to start.

  • I will push myself and those I work with, I fully commit to my mentees, however if there is a lack of commitment from them, their time on the program will be terminated.

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